Anti-Social Primer Approved Links:

Welcome to the links section of the Anti-Social Primer. Below, you will find links carefully selected by the proprietor. If you don't like them, please don't hesitate to blow me.

  • The infamous Asylum Street Spankers - the band that's more addictive than a 6 day percocet, benzedrine and whiskey bender.
  • Wammo at his new site. It is new and you will visit it, if only to see the video for "There is Too Much Light In This Bar".
  • It's time to Rally! Rally HardWear - A site with some serious clothing for all you freaky freaks.
  • - the official site of [within]
  • Official - none of that poseur-rich posturing nu-punk/metal/rock bullshit: this is real music, this is Official.

Thank you. Enjoy the primer.

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